The Fresh
Amniotic Tissue

Experience a breakthrough in regenerative medicine: Affinity, the first fresh amniotic allograft.

Fresh Amniotic Membrane Provides New Growth Opportunities1,2

  • Regenerative and angiogenic properties1,2
  • Retains the native membrane’s structural integrity and biophysical properties3
  • A viable option for wound and soft tissue healing1,2,4,5

Naturally Bioactive Healing Capacity

  • Open and intact extracellular matrix3,6
  • Integrates seamlessly by supporting cell and tissue in-growth1,3,6

Retains Biophysical Properties to Enhance Surgical Handling

  • Strong: Enables precise manipulation for ease of application3
  • Durable: Integrity of native matrix provides superior scaffolding1,3,6
  • Flexible: Maintains membrane’s natural pliability1,3

AlloFresh™ Proprietary Process Distinguishes AFFINITY® by Retaining Native Tissue Benefits3

  • Maintains structural integrity and viability for longer than ever before possible3
Proprietary Storage System

Storage System

Durable and Flexible

Durable and Flexible

42 Days of Viability

42 Days of Viability

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