The BioLoc™ Proprietary Process Preserves
the Healing Potential of NuShield®1

  • Preserves the native structure of the amnion and chorion membranes 1
  • Optimized to provide excellent strength, flexibility, and handling

Natural, resorbable placental barrier works in everyday,
diverse applications1-5

  • Adhesion barrier, wound covering, acts as an adjunct to soft tissue healing
  • Direct application, wrapping or suturing around tendons, on-lay graft

Provides everyday healing potential with extraordinary
amniotic properties

  • Excellent regenerative, anti-inflammatory, and angiogenic properties2,3
  • Includes collagen, laminin, fibronectin, growth factors, and hyaluronic acid to aid in healing

A notch above the ordinary allograft

  • Notching of the graft enables precise orientation, even when rehydrated

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